NDA Behavioral Health System

National Deaf Academy (NDA) Behavioral Health System is a psychiatric residential treatment facility for children, adolescents, and adults, with specialized treatment programs for deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, and autistic individuals with varying exceptionalities and treatment resistant behaviors. Located less than an hour outside of Orlando, Florida, NDA provides treatment for deaf and autistic patients in a calm and relaxing setting. Our residential treatment facility offers programs for children as young as 6 and adults as old as 64. Our treatment programs have no upper limit requirements in regards to IQ.

NDA Behavioral Health System strives to embrace the uniqueness of all populations by creating an environment that neutralizes communication obstacles and encourages growth.

At our 132-bed, TRICARE® certified facility, we treat a wide range of psychiatric and behavioral disorders as well as individuals, both hearing and deaf, with varying disorders and symptoms.



“Strength Based Work with People with Language, Learning and Behavioral Challenges Workshop”, by Neil Glickman, Ph.D. in partnership with NDA Behavioral Health on October 22nd

On October 22nd, Dr. Glickman will be holding a credit earning workshop while discussing challenges of communication. The workshop will be held at University Behavioral Center, 2500 Discovery Drive, Orlando, FL  32826 near UCF in Orlando. Registration is open to all that are interested and those needing CEU credits, if you are interested please fill download More…

NDA is proud to Present the 14th Annual Mt. Dora Heroes Foundations Golf Tournament

NDA is proud to Present the 14th Annual Mt. Dora Heroes Foundations Golf Tournament. This is the eighth year we have been a part of this great event helping give back to our local heroes who serve our community. Download the 14th Annual Golf Tourney Brochure

The NDA Store Is Now Open!

The NDA Store has now opened for our residents. They will be able to purchase many different items from snacks to toys to specialty items in our on-site store with the reward dollars earned around the campus.

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We are relived that he is in a safe, therapeutic and nurturing environment. Thank you for helping make this happen.

A letter to state representatives following a placement at NDA